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Each of our services include a personalized consultation and are tailored to our client’s personality and style. Our dynamic and creative team provide an inspiring, relaxed experience offering the latest in hair trends.


All haircuts include a shampoo, conditioner, relaxing scalp massage, and blow-dry style using the highest quality salon exclusive hair care and styling products. Listed prices are starting prices. Service prices vary depending on hair length, texture, thickness, your desired results, and level of preferred stylist’s experience. Updos, extensions, color corrections, and fantasy colors require a free consultation with a stylist prior to booking an appointment.



Women's Cut

Men's Cut

Children's Cut
We welcome children and offer the same services provided with our standard Men’s/Women’s cuts at the same prices.


Today’s modern “lived-in” color involves many different techniques and terminologies. Multidimensional/double process color creates customized depth and movement by incorporating highlights into darker hair or adding darker shades to light hair. Color can also be used to enhance one’s own natural hue or to cover unwanted gray through a single-color application process bringing natural hair to a more vibrant shade. Blending and layering selected shades creates a dynamic look that can range from bold and dramatic to subtle and understated.  Multidimensional/double process color includes all forms of lightening hair with dimension, such as highlights, balayage, teasy lights, babylights, foilyage, and all forms of adding darker contrast lowlights, shadow root, root melt, fantasy color, and reverse balayage.

Single Application Color

Multi-Dimensional Color / Double Process
Partial $110+  |  Full $125+
(Partial Highlight/Full Highlight)

Color Correction
Consultation Required


Our treatments are designed to nourish and repair dry or damaged hair and address specific hair concerns, such as dryness, frizz, breakage, or color damage.  Our line of exclusive Keratin Complex Keratin treatments, Deep Conditioners, or Morphosis Restructuring Treatments are a great way to revitalize and rejuvenate hair leaving it feeling healthy, soft, and shiny.

Deep Conditioner

Morphosis Re-Structure Treatment
Framesi’s 3-Step in-salon proprietary treatment for all damaged, extremely dry, or compromised hair that requires deep restructuring and conditioning. Regenerates all parts of damaged hair and immediately repairs and returns hair to a healthier state with body, softness, and shine. Lasting benefits include increased hair shaft diameter and up to 85% more shine, 62% strength, and 40% easier to comb.
The results? Extraordinary!

Keratin Complex Express Blowout
Keratin Complex’s Express Blowout is an express keratin service that delivers polished, more manageable hair with results that can last up to six weeks.  This one hour in-salon humidity blocking treatment gives you hair which is smooth, glossy, frizz-free, and easy-to-manage. 
Hair cannot be washed for eight hours after treatment.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment
(NKST / Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment or "Cadillac Keratin")
Enjoy up to five months of healthy, smooth, and shiny hair with our “Cadillac Keratin”.
This three hour in-salon treatment reduces frizz, blocks humidity, instantly repairs damage, decreases styling time, and increases manageability.  Hair cannot be washed for
72 hours after treatment.

Keratin Complex KCMAX
KCMAX  (Maximum Keratin Smoothing Treatment)
Keratin Complex’s KCMAX is perfect for clients looking for the straightest results out of all the keratin treatments while still addressing specific concerns such as frizz, damage, and color fading.  This treatment delivers straighter, smoother, and healthier hair which lasts up to
three months. Hair may be washed the following day.


Shampoo & Blowout


Special Occasion Hair
Thermal Style $70+
Updo $90+


Brow Wax


Lip Wax


Chin Wax





Clients are our priority, and we strive to make your salon experience as seamless as possible. Clients have the option to change stylists for any reason as we understand pricing, schedules, or wanting a different perspective can be factors when choosing a stylist.

All of our stylists are talented individuals who have unique relationships with each of their clients. As a team, Lux Salon stylists work together to create a shared vision for our clients in order to maintain a high standard of excellence.

We are able to recommend stylists based on a client's specific needs and hair goals if a client should decide to try another stylist within our salon.

Our client's satisfaction matters the most.


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